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Welcome to India Rejuvenation Initiative
A non political and social forum, is an effort of a few conscientious individual who feel pained and inspired, not to sit back but to act. Drawn from various walks of life and cross section of the society, they feel deeply concerned at the sharp deterioration of probity in public life and have decided to come together to take positive action to arrest this trend.

After extensive deliberations, India Rejuvenation Initiative (IRI) has decided that in order to restore probity in public life, it is essential to focus on corruption in the top echelons of administration. The most effective way to do so is by focusing on ‘outcome’ of corruption (movable and immovable assets of public servants) rather than ‘process’ of corruption.

Public Campaign

P ublic servants who have worked on the ‘top most posts’ in the country are unanimous about the fact that ‘corruption flows from top to bottom’ and that no solution to this problem is possible till such time as those occupying top public posts continue to indulge in corruption.......

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देश के सर्वोच्च पदों पर कार्य कर चुके लोगों की यह आम राय है कि भ्रष्टाचार ऊपर से नीचे की तरफ चलता है और जब तक सर्वोच्च पदों पर बैठे लोग जिनके पास लोकतंत्र में सारी शक्तियां होती हैं उनके स्तर पर .....

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IRI to Support Whistleblowers

IRI has decided to come out in support of the whistleblowers, who have shown courage to challenge the wrongdoings and have taken on the establishment single-handedly. For this purpose, a special group has been constituted which will do all that is possible to help in whatever way, to support all such individuals, groups, NGOs who are fighting against corruption, injustices etc. IRI joins hands with them in their fight. To contact please click here.  |


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